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He was born in the city of Cuenca, he completed his primary and secondary studies in the city of Quito, he entered the Superior Naval School of Salinas in September 1957, graduated in December 1961 as Ensign of Fragata and rose to the rank of Admiral in October 1991, retired in August 1992, after 35 years of service.

In 1994 he was invited by Admiral Efraín Paredes Crespo to join the Rotary Club Guayaquil Occidente, a club in which he exercised various functions such as Committee Chairman, Secretary, Vice President and Club President in the period 1999-2000.

In the District 4400 Ecuador District Team of Rotary International (RI), he has held different positions since 1997, the main ones being: Secretary of the Interior on three occasions; Assistant Governor five times; President of the Committee of Development of the Social Staff for two periods and District Instructor on five occasions. He was President of the Organizing Committee of the LXIII District Conference 4400 and Secretary of the same Committee in the LXI and LXVIII District Conferences. He has been a permanent member of the district training team and has collaborated in the organization of countless

district and bi-national meetings, held in the city of Machala in September 2004, between the 4400 districts of Ecuador and 4460 of northern Peru. He was elected Governor of District 4400 of Ecuador in the year 2012-2013. From 2013 to 2018 he was a member and Chairman of the Proposal Committee for Governor of District 4400. In the period 2018-2019, he served as Chairman of the District Fundraising Subcommittee for The Rotary Foundation. The District Governor has ratified him in these functions for the 2019-2020 period.

At the international level, he attended the Rotary World Conventions in New Orleans in 2011 and in Lisbon in 2012. He participated in the Training Seminar for Elected Governors (GETS) in Mendoza Argentina in 2011, at the International Assembly of San Diego California in 2012. He was also an active participant in the Rotary Institutes of: Mendoza, Argentina 2011; from Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013; from Lima, Peru 2014; from Iguazú Argentine side 2015; from Guayaquil 2016; from Santa Cruz de la Sierra 2017; and, from Montevideo. Uruguay 2018, of which, except for Mendoza, was its promoter in District 4400.

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RI President Gary CK Huang appointed him as his representative to the District 4970 Conference, held in Rivera Uruguay in 2015; and, in the same way, President John F. Germ appointed his representative to the District Conference 4480, held in San José do Rio Preto, State of Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2017.

In 2016, the Director of RI José Ubiracy Silva (Bira) designated the city of Guayaquil as the headquarters of the XLII Rotary Institute of Zones 23B and 23C of RI, an annual event that was held in Ecuador after 17 years, and named EGD Germán Yépez General Coordinator of the same that took place between October 27 and 29. As General Coordinator he formed an Organizing Committee, with a select group of Rotarians from District 4400 and from Districts in Zones 23B and 23C, thanks to which notable success was achieved, 530 Rotarians from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia attended , Ecuador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Former GD Germán Yépez is a Second Level Senior Donor of The Rotary Foundation, like his wife María Eugenia; In addition, he is a Benefactor of LFR.

In his 35 years of military life, Admiral Yépez carried out professional training studies in the United States Navy in 1963-1964, Chile in 1968-1969 and Venezuela in 1976-1977. He formalized the Command Courses in 1972 and the General Staff in 1975-1976 at the Naval War Academy, in 1976 he completed the Joint General Staff course at the War Academy of the Land Force.

As a Junior Officer, he served as an Officer in Progress at BAE Manabí and later as Officer in Charge at BAE Tarqui, BAE Jambelí, BAE Alfaro, Grumetes School, BAE Orión, BAE Chimborazo, BAE 25 de Julio and Instruction Center Naval.

As a Senior Officer, his main functions were: Commander of the BAE Esmeraldas, Operations Manager of the Ecuadorian Oil Fleet, Director of Communications of the Navy, Director of Health and Director of the Naval Hospital, Head of the Operations Department of the Squad Command , during the Paquisha conflict in 1981, in which he participated on board the Navy Insignia Ship BAE Alfaro. In 1982 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Superior Naval School and at the end of the same year Naval Attaché to the Embassy of Ecuador in Lima, upon his return to the country in 1984 he was appointed Commander of the BAE Alfaro.

When he served as Chief of Staff of the Naval Operations Command in 1985, he rose to the rank of Rear Admiral, then was appointed Director of the Naval War Academy, General Director of Education for the Navy in 1986-1987, and Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Squadron in 1988. That year he rose to the rank of Vice Admiral and was appointed Director General of the Merchant Marine and the Littoral, functions that he held until 1989, the year in which he assumed the functions of Director General of the Navy Personnel, in 1990 he became the Chief of the Army General Staff and in January 1991 the Constitutional President of the Republic, Doctor Rodrigo Borja Cevallos appointed him Commander General of the Navy, in October of that year he rose to the rank of Admiral, in April of 1992 held the position of Head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, retiring on August 10 of the same year.

Already retired from the Navy, in 1993, he was called by Vice Admiral Miguel Saona Roca to occupy the chair of Geopolitics and the position of Military Advisor at the Naval War Academy, functions that he held until December 2007, after 15 years as public servant, had the satisfaction of having contributed to the professional development of 14 promotions of the Command Course and 13 promotions of the Naval General Staff Course.

Throughout his naval career, Admiral Yépez was awarded the following Military Awards: Abdón Calderón First Class, Abdón Calderón Third Class, Morán Valverde in the Degree of Grand Cross, Morán Valverde in the Degree of Commander, Morán Valverde in the Knight Degree, Grand Cross of Military Honor of the FF. AA. Ecuadorian, Military Honor Cross of the FF. AA. Ecuadorian, First Class Naval War Academy, First, Second and Third Class Armed Forces, to the Bolivian Naval Merit in the Degree of Grand Officer of the Order, Military Star of the FF. AA. from Chile in the Degree of Great Star of Merit, Legion of Merit, Navy of the United States, in the rank of Commander and Peruvian Cross of Merit in the Degree of Commander. He also obtained the First Class Merit Decoration of the Ecuadorian Port System and the Honorato Vásquez Decoration in the Degree of Knight.

Admiral Germán Yépez Espinosa has been happily married, for 53 years, to Mrs. María Eugenia (Pocha) Russo Moreano, they have two children María Fernanda, married to Giancarlo Malnati Santos and Patricio Germán married to Denise Andrade Abudeye, who have given them five grandchildren: Giancarlo, Gianfranco and Andreina Malnati Yépez and Isabella and Nicolás Yépez Andrade.